Precision Camera & Video - Selected Projects
Precision Camera is a small chain of camera stores, with two locations in Austin and one northwest of Houston. My day job is to create all of the graphics for ads, social posts, billboards, bags, stationery, signage and other miscellaneous ephemera for the store, along with designing and maintaining several of it's webpages. The vast majority of this is quick-turn around, cut and dry, "please-buy-this-it's-so-good-and-so-affordable" messaging with relatively straightforward visual delivery.
But every once in a while....I get to do something ✨fun✨.
Maybe it's because Precision a local small business that allows me to have creative freedom.  Maybe it's because we sometimes host events and classes that are a bit strange for a camera store to put on. Maybe it's because Precision was founded in Austin, in the 70s, back when Austin was still weird. No matter the reason, I've had the chance to put together some pretty funky promos. Check 'em out below!
Garage sale
6th street neon portraits
Halloween at Precision Camera
In the month of October, we hosted several Halloween events. They all needed to be Halloween-themed, but visually distinct enough that our audience would not confuse them. Nobody wants accidentally to show up at an event where models are in gorey effects makeup with with their costumed kid in tow! Haunting!
Austin Studio Tour
Cyber Monday
Macro Workshop with Nikon
Valentine's Day
NIGHT SKIES workshop

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