Mello{be} is a mediation cushion company that helps people improve their posture as they work, live, and relax. As an intern for them, I created several short-for videos for their social media accounts.
During summer 2021, many workers in San Antonio were beginning to return to the office as COVID-19 case numbers began to drop. We created this video to ease the anxiety that workers may have in the shift towards in-person work. It promotes the worker{be}, as smaller model of cushion made for office chairs and on-the-go. The video aligns well with Mello{be}'s friendly, soothing ethos.
Mello{be} cushions are made in a variety of colors and fabrics, so they can match the taste of their owner. This stop-motion video shows how the covers can be interchanged to coordinate with your furniture and mood.
This Instagram Reel promotes a giveaway collaboration between Mello{be} and local coffee house Rosella. Rosella beans and a worker{be} cushion make for a relaxed start to a workday morning.

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