Egress Exhibition Catalog
In the spring of 2021, I created the exhibition catalog for Egress, a multi-media art show featuring the work of Trinity University's graduating art majors. The catalog was collaborative, with five other artists as stakeholders in the project. We decided on an approach that would present our work simply and professionally as we reflected on our exit from our undergraduate experience. 
For the cover design, I brainstormed ways to incorporate elements of all the artists' work in a way that would not appear cluttered or disjointed. The artists worked across variety of media, styles, and themes so creating a unifying image was our primary goal. We also wanted to tie it to the exhibition title, which means 'to exit'. After showing the group a set of initial sketches, we decided on an image of an open doorway, with sections of each artist's work making up a pathway to it. The pathway stretches around to the back cover.
Entrance to the exhibition was limited to on-campus residents due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As I created the layout for the text and images, I kept in mind that the catalog would be the only representation of the exhibition for many family members and friends of the artists.  Thus, I strived to accurately represent the flow of the exhibition as the viewer moved through the space. Images of all of the artists' works were included and artist statements were not not abriged.

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